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There is nothing worse than when someone (or some business) who you  have made an Agreement with does not hold up their end of the deal. The legal term for this is Breach of Contract, and we have listed several of the best attorneys for breach of contract below.

Walter Law Firm, PC

Texas Breach of Contract Law Firm

Walter Law Firm, PC focuses on contract law and business litigation. Call (713) 529-2020 to speak to one of our Houston Contract Lawyers today. To a lawyer, a “contract” lawyer refers to a lawyer who performs transactional work in business matters. For example, preparing contracts, leases, lending documents, partnership agreements, employment agreements, and other types of business agreements. –Contact Walter Law Firm

Holmes Law, PLLC

Business disputes are inevitable for a majority of businesses because of the many transactions businesses rely on to continue operating. Business disputes can arise when you are establishing a company, when entering into contracts, or when your company is winding up. A number of companies tend to go to the courts to resolve their disputes with other businesses. But such disputes can also be resolved using alternative dispute resolution methods, which do not involve judges and/or jury presiding over the issue.  –

Walston Bowlin Lawyers

In the state of Texas, a contract exists if the following elements are present: (1) an offer (2) an acceptance (3) a meeting of the minds (4) a communication that each party has consented to the terms of the agreement; and (5) execution and delivery of the contract with an intent that it become mutual and binding on both parties. Within each of these elements, there are various questions that must be considered to determine the validity of the contract. Indeed, because of the various elements necessary to establish a binding contract, disputes over the terms of a contract are almost guaranteed to arise. –

Feldman & Feldman, PC

A breach of contract means that one party has failed to uphold their obligations according to the contract. This can result in financial hardship, loss of property, and other difficulties for the other parties involved. The non-breaching party or parties can file a lawsuit against the at fault party for being in breach of contract.

If you need to file a lawsuit or you need defense due to a lawsuit filed against your business, the Houston Breach of Contract Lawyers of Feldman & Feldman focus on contract disputes in commercial law. –Feldman.Law

Michael J. Henry, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Attorney Michael J. Henry will pursue an efficient and effective resolution through all phases of the legal system, including negotiation and, if necessary, litigation. We invite you to contact our legal team to discuss your business contract disputes in greater detail. Very simply, a Contract is an Agreement between parties to perform certain obligations. It is central to a Breach of Contract lawsuit that one party alleges that one or more of the other parties failed to fulfill their obligations under the contract that results in damages to the innocent party. –

Wood Edwards, LLP

At Wood Edwards LLP in Dallas, we handle breach of contract litigation on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Parties in a breach of contract case frequently disagree about one or more of the following:

  • Whether a contract was formed;
  • whether the contract is sufficiently definite to be enforceable;
  • whether one or both parties was mistaken about the terms of the contract;
  • whether one or both of the parties has fully performed;
  • whether the consideration was adequate;
  • whether the contract is voidable because its terms are illegal or oppressive;
  • and whether the contract was induced by fraud.

Typically, a breach of contract claim is based upon one party’s violation of a written contract which causes the non-breaching party to suffer damages. However, breach of contract claims can also be based upon what the law calls implied contracts. –